Hello! This is our very first blog! My husband Ed and I are new owners of Blackwood Construction, as of August 2023. We hope to continue building upon the great reputation Blackwood’s founder Woody (Robert Woods) built, while we continue to serve you, our customers, with integrity and flair.

Our focus is customer experience. Remodeling is never easy, but we strive to take the stress out of it as much as possible. We stand by our work. We take care of our customers. We do the right thing.

With these new beginnings, I reflect on how life tends to come full circle. Years ago, I used to be a sales rep for American Woodmark Corporation, the manufacturer of Waypoint kitchen and bath vanity cabinetry. As a cabinet rep for them, my responsibility was 14 Home Depot stores in the Chicago area.

We went through extensive kitchen cabinetry training, including how to design a functional layout and how to install kitchen cabinets. The tool bag they set us up with was the best equipped one I have ever owned. We went on multiple factory tours throughout our training, many of them in Virginia and West Virginia just across the border. It was these hours spent in the factories observing the finishing process that convinced me that the finish quality of cabinets finished in a factory is superior to the finish one can accomplish spraying cabinets in a home.

Woodmark’s quality and company culture was impressive then, and it was an easy decision to add them as a kitchen cabinet line we offer here at Blackwood Construction. We just received the Waypoint solution center. We love the door styles and colors they offer. So it feels as though life has come full circle, now that I am on the other side as a customer.

At Blackwood Construction we feel honored to be invited into a customer’s home to help them visualize and realize their dream kitchens, bathrooms and basements, in fact any projects they need remodeled. We keep abreast of trends, and we employ good design principles. More about that in another blog.

Often our customers ask our opinion on what style will stand the test of time. Sometimes our customers have very strong opinions about what they like, and we encourage that, occasionally we need to guide or nudge a little.

Speaking of styles in kitchen design, wood was all the rage, then painted white took over, then painted grey, then painted anything, and now wood and painted neutral tones are in every design magazine and Pinterest post. And black! Which we love. Brushed nickel is still a crowd favorite and can feel warm and updated depending on what you combine it with.

We love this new skinny shaker door style in the 500 series cherry clove from Waypoint. We have paired it with a Moen Arbor pull-down faucet in brushed nickel, a warm grey tile with light veining envisioned as a floor tile, and the cream tile option as a backsplash. The tile is from one of our awesome partners, Conestoga.

Until next time.